Control arms front/rear upper/lower

I'm wondering if all 81-87 G-body's share the same front/rear upper/lower control arms as an '87 G.N. or if there are any differences between them? I want to get a full set prepped and ready to bolt on to minimize downtime while I'm doing bushing & BJ replacement, just don't want to grab the wrong set and waste time/money with parts I can't use. I plan on boxing the rears, but as I found out on my '36 Olds that on an A-Body Skylark/Chevelle there are different lengths depending on years, and I did up a really nice set and went to bolt them to my suspension and found out 68 and down used different length arms than a 69 and up!! DOH! Did up a second set of the correct ones but don't want to go through that again!!
Thanks for the reply! I knew the overall fit and function was the same, didn't know if there were idiosyncrasies, stamps or minor changes specific to the GN/Regal. I have a set from a Cutlass that I'll continue with cleaning up and getting ready to swap.


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78-88 G bodies, 82-92 F body, and 82 -2002 S series vehicles (2wd) all use the same front lower con arm. All 1st gen S series 2wd have the same upper and lower front con arms as the G bodies. The 82-02 F bodies have the same rear lower con arms as a G body.