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I have an 85 t-type That I just put a new motor, heads, cam etc. The car has the following mods. ta49, comp cam 212/212, 37lb inj, adj fp reg, walbro 340, kenne belle tb and upper intake elbow, kn intake, stock elbow off turbo with a 3in downpipe, no cat, hooker exhaust, turbo tweak chip, and a unknown stall 10 in converter.

Here are my problems. I had a shop that does a lot of work on turbo buicks install the motor, cam, and chip. The rest of the stuff he just put back on the car. After a few miles he threw it on the dyno to tune the AFR. Well to say that I was disapointed is an understatement. On 17lbs of boost on pump gas it made 237rwhp. I asked them why the numbers were so low and he said the motor was not broke in and it was getting blow by due to the rings not being all the way sealed yet. He also said that the converter is killing me cause he "thinks" its a non lockup and that is killing the numbers and power all together.

Well i got about 500 miles on the setup and went to the track. Well that was an embarrassing moment for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first pass resulted in lots of wheel spin. "im on street tires" So I tried to leave on about 2lbs of boost That resulted in no wheel spin and a SLOW et of 9.66@75mph in the 1/8th mile!! this was at 16-17lbs.To say i was mad is an understatement! I tried the same method and it ran almost the same. It showed no knock so I just thought it was slow. I then put some 113 race fuel in it and bumped the boost up to 22 Well that netted me a slow 9.33@76mph. in the 1/8th

I thought for sure this car would go low 8's or high 7's with slicks. and at least mid 8's or better on street tires.

So I have no idea whats wrong. I know my 60 ft's were slow due to no slicks, but my mph should have been more than that on both boost levels I think. Now I also think that the shop was full of it when they were making excuses about the low dyno numbers.

Any help you guys can give me I would greatly appreciate it.



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as of yet I do not. I dont have a way to read them right now. Im trying to find someone who has a scanner so I an download some files during a run... I also forgot to mention this is not a hot air car, its been converted. The whole setup came out of an 86 gn. I just bought the new long block just 2 months ago.


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Before we can truely help you we need you to get us some numbers like posted above. Other things like what the chip was programed for what stall, what's the fp at, have you reset the ecm?, . After that we will get you fixed up. We all know there is something wrong but we will have to get more info first