Concours Level Restoration

I'd be interested to get opinions on what it takes to get a car to concours level quality.

A brief history of my car:

I found it from the original owner two years ago out of Michigan with only 20k miles. The car was in very good to excellent shape, and I have been careful to keep it largely original. After bringing the car home and doing my research, I did the spring cleaning items, replaced the fuel pump, installed a hotwire kit, a Bosch 237FPR and replaced the exhaust, which had rusted out over time. 3" SS GN1 exhaust (highly recommend).

Last year at the GS Nationals, i entered it in the car show, and tried my luck at the Survivor Class, missing a Gold level by two points (I didn't take my boost gauge off the A-pillar, got dinged for the 3"SS exhaust, and the non- original size tires)

This year, I was able to make a few changes and am proud to say I have a Gold level Survivor Car.

During the awards, Richard Lasseter mentioned that Turbo Regals are underrepresented in this class. That got me thinking. . .

I was very impressed with the quality of cars that rolled off the trailers in the concours class, and was curious if anyone had information about how these are judged, and if it would by worth my time and effort to bring mine all the way back in order to have a true show car.

I could have everything in the engine bay exactly as it was, my interior is flawless, I have the original Eagle GT tires, would need a quality detail and some imperfections fixed, and would have to track down an original exhaust system.

Its really all about having fun with the car, and I truly enjoy it. Do you think this would be worth my time and effort? Would this add value to the car or would it be chasing my tail? I like being able to drive the car and don't want it to turn into a trailer queen. Let me know what you think

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This is tricky. There are things that should absolutely be done to a TR to make it run strong, safe and reliable. Knowing and understanding these cars the way most of us do, and without some of these modifications, a TR guru wouldn't even consider driving one of these cars around the block. These things may hurt you in the judging.

However, most of these improvements may be able to be made in a clever way, as to not be noticed. Furthermore, there probably aren't any judges on earth that will know the difference unless they themselves are TR owners. And this is highly unlikely unless you plan to show it at Buick club events.


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This probably isnt the best section for your post. Here, you find guys that drive and tinker with their cars. A concours car will spend 90% of its time parked and covered. The things you would have to keep cleaning will discourage you from driving it. It would be best to have another toy if you make that one concours.

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If you try to drive it regularly you will have to rely on places like RC Garage and Kirbans for factory restoration pieces. Your power master will fail at some time and Richard can keep it going. At some point in time you may gain 2 lbs and that pallex seat material may rip. At least that's how I feel. I have interior that came out of a rear ended 8000 mi GN and it took me 5 years just to install it. I knew that once I started to sit on it , that it was the beginning of the end. Find some original replacement material while it is still out there. It takes a lot of effort to have a concours car and driver in one.


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I have a bunch of original parts that I would likely be willing to sell, as I'm heading in a different direction. These include an original exhaust, several NOS hood liners, and the only set (that I know of anyways) of original date coded factory tires still new in their wrappers. Two disclaimers: (1) I'm in Canada; and (2) You may wind up pulling your hair out waiting for a reply from me as I don't drop by regularly any more. Cheers.