Conan O'Brien is an A@#@#@#!!!!!


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This is the transcript fo a recent Conan interview with Bill Gates on Forza Motorsports. Conan is a bigger idiot than I initially realized. Just read it!

BILL GATES: That's right, as more and more people have broadband in the home, they've got these great screens, as we get the level of realism up, we get these new genres, make it far more sociable, let people personalize things, take photos, bring them in, take the music that they care about and bring them in, connect up to the media world in a very rich way.

And so this is new stuff, we've got a lot of partners to build the games that make it really come to life.

One of the games I thought would give you a sense of these trends and one that's just a very, very cool game is called Forza Motorsports and this takes advantage of Xbox in the online and so I'd like to ask Garrett Young, the program manager from our Xbox studio doing this work, to come out and show us what is Forza Motorsports and why is this going to draw more people in.

GARRETT YOUNG: Thanks, Bill.

So as Bill mentioned, I'm here to show you a game called Forza Motorsports. Now, this is a brand new racing simulation that we're building for the Xbox. So Forza Motorsports is a game built on the premise that people are unique. We have unique ring tones on our cell phones, unique skins on our MP3 players, unique background images on our Windows desktops.

Well, we think the same should be true in a racing game; your car is a reflection of you. When you race against other people online over Xbox Live, you don't want to show up in the same car that everybody else is racing in. In Forza Motorsports we give gamers the power to create cars as unique as they are and tonight I'm going to show you how easy it is.

So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to go in and get a car. Now, we have over 200 cars in this game, cars from manufacturers like Ferrari and Porsche and Nissan and Dodge and Chevrolet and Honda and Ford and more, a couple others I'll show you, a car from Mercedes, the SLR McLaren, which is a great car, that's not it, here it is. We're still in development. The Aston Marin V12 Vanquish, which there it is.

Now, I'm going to choose the Mazda RX8 car that I can handle a little bit better and my first stop is going to be the upgrade shop.

Now, as you'd expect in a racing simulation, I can get under the hood and improve my car's performance. I can make it faster by tuning the intake and exhaust, I can add a turbo or a supercharger or even in some cases with some of the cars I can swap in an entirely new engine.

So that's all well and good but my focus here in this demo is to show you some cool things that we can do on the outside of the car.

So the first thing I'm going to do is add a front bumper. Now, we've partnered with over 150 aftermarket-parts companies to recreate the same type of customization and modification options that you can make to your car in the real world. For instance, this front bumper up here from Fujita Engineering, this is one I like and I'll add to my car. If you have an RX8 in your driveway at home, you can call Fujita Engineering and order that front bumper tomorrow and get it put on your own car, so that's a pretty cool thing.

Now, I'm going to go in and add a rear wing. So now when I add these rear wings not only am I changing how my car looks but I'm also changing how it performs. I'm adding a little bit of weight to the car but more importantly I'm also adding down force on the rear of my car and on the rear tires, which is going to give me better traction and grip at high speeds. So that's the kind of performance boost that you're going to get in the real world and we've modeled that performance boost here in Forza Motorsports also.

OK, so I've added a couple parts to my car but I'm not done yet. I am now going to go in and I could go in and change the paint job on my car. I like the red paint though on this RX8 so I'm going to stick with that, and I'm going to go in and apply some decals.

Now, this is a very powerful tool, hundreds and hundreds of shapes as far as the options on the types of shapes that you can create in this tool. I'm going to try to do it quickly. (Laughter.) This is a little bit of demo karma, sorry, I'm out of system memory apparently. Yeah, so just imagine, if you will, that I was customizing my car and doing some really cool stuff.

But you know what, we can skip that part, it's a little dry, it's a little boring, I've got some feedback that said that that was kind of the slow part of the demo. What I was going to translate to and actually move over to was to pimp out a cool car for Bill and Conan and have them race against each other. So unfortunately I don't have a chance to actually show you around and spin you around the cars but you'll actually see the cars while they're racing. We built an Enzo Ferrari for Bill and it's all painted up and it looks good, hopefully it will come up on your guys' screen, and for Conan we had a few different options that we tried for Conan but we ended up with a Buick Regal GNX, which you guys will see in a moment as soon as we transfer to --

CONAN O'BRIEN: That's a lot, that's great. Thank you.

GARRETT YOUNG: 1987's finest, Conan. We felt that American muscle was --

CONAN O'BRIEN: Nothing gets the ladies like a Buick, thank you. (Laughter.)

GARRETT YOUNG: Only 547 of those were ever made, so --

CONAN O'BRIEN: For a reason, yeah. (Laughter.)

GARRETT YOUNG: -- take it easy on Bill is all I'm asking, take it easy on Bill. So just hit resume there, hit the A button there and, Conan, I think you've got a wheel hidden somewhere there.

CONAN O'BRIEN: A wheel right here.

GARRETT YOUNG: There you go.

CONAN O'BRIEN: I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I don't get out a lot.

GARRETT YOUNG: So we gave Bill the car, we gave Conan the wheel. So just the A button there.

CONAN O'BRIEN: So where am I? Am I here anywhere?

BILL GATES: Hit your A.

GARRETT YOUNG: The green button, the A button.

CONAN O'BRIEN: Oh, the A, yeah, sorry, I got confused. (Laughter.) Oh, that's a great car, look at that.

GARRETT YOUNG: We get the most technical comedians to come on with us.

CONAN O'BRIEN: (Race demo.) (Laughing maniacally). I'm coming for you, man. Come on. Oh. It's shaking. Kind of erotic. (Laughter.) I think it's the car, it's not me. It's a piece of crap. (Laughter.) You need Leno for this segment right here. (Laughter.)

(Impersonating Jay Leno) Ah, so what do you want to do here, Bill? I had one of these in the '70s but I got rid of it. Hey, where's Letterman? (Laughter.) (Applause.)

GARRETT YOUNG: You guys did a tremendous job, thank you for helping me demo Forza Motorsports.

So I just want to request and hope that each of you can come down to the booth, we've got a really cool three screens set up there, you guys can get a chance to get behind the wheel of this game and really get a feel for what Conan and Bill were feeling right there. So that is Forza Motorsports, we will be out in April and only on the Xbox. Thanks for your time. (Applause.)


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The more people that think they are crap the more people i can UTTERLY HUMILIATE ON THE STREET


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Uh, sure hes a car guy.
Havent you ever seen the segments where he thinks his Taurus is some major hot rod??
He took the POS to some auto show and was comparing it to the Ferraris and stuff......
What do you expect from a guy that makes good money and still drives a Taurus???
Hes probably never been in one or seen one in his life. I say we should show him what he thinks is an old POS!! Maybe see if he will race one of us with his Taurus! :D


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Some one should try to get in touch with Leno and tekk him how stupid Conan is so he will make fun of him on his show!!


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Originally posted by sixnboost
Some one should try to get in touch with Leno and tekk him how stupid Conan is so he will make fun of him on his show!!

Good idea. someone should seriously do it.

then have Jay do a huge burnout in his GN on his show!

turbo buicks

i dont think obrien is a car guy but he does have a SHo Taurus so at least its not that bad. still would get owned by gn in a race.


Conan is def. not a car guy... the entire episode with the SHo was a joke.... and just that.... Now for how stupid he is, I suggest you do a little research and see where he obtained his education... I think you may be very suprised...


2.3 Where did Conan go to college?

Conan went to Harvard. While there, he majored in
history-and-literature, and was a two-time (1983 and 1984) president of
the "Lampoon" the Harvard humor magazine. He graduated magna cum laude
in 1985.

I think thats better than most of us can say. I personaly wish he hadnt talked trash about my buicks.


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Who gives a crap about where Gonad, I mean Conan went to school or what he did while he was there.

Could he rebuild a engine?
Could he even change his own oil?


So when it comes to anything to do with cars he is STUPID!!!


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He has a late night talk show on NBC, not a hot rod special on Discovery. He's paid to act stupid/funny. I don't see what the big fuss is about. He's not a car expert and he doesn't act like he is. If Leno had made a smart crack about the GNx, knowing that Jay is very well-versed in the automotive world, then you could get your panties in a bunch.


Well he's got the stupid part down, I can't believe he's still on the air. Must be alot of bored late nite people out there.


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I think hes funnier then any of the other guys on late night. You cant blame him for a smart ass thats that he has to do to make money and make people laugh