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Hi, I am looking to upgrade a stock 87 gn. It seems to me the t3 flange turbos are a lot cheaper. I am trying to compare some of these to the stock Garrett, but am getting very confused. For a stock 3.8, what t-3 flange turbo would you reccomend? I know I will have to change the downpipe,but that is what a welder is for. Would you tell me what trim is,and what trim I am looking for? Also, what A-R. When you refer to ar ,are you referring to the turbine wheel, or the compressor wheel? Thanks,dazed beginner



:smile: Thanks for all the info. Would you happen to know of a website or a section on this one to look up specs on older turbos that are offered for sale, such as a TE 64? Anymore help would be greatly appreciated as before. Thanks again, John or 386-719-6814:cool:


Well-Known Member through the thread and instead of starting a new one, thought my question fit well with this one.

Here is what I know about my turbo;

60-1 wheel
stage 5 wheel
.63 A/R

Goals; I'm looking to set up the car to be capable of running low 11's BUT I plan on tuning it too run 12's. I currently have 009 injectors.


1) What do all those numbers break down to? Specifically the .63 A/R? I think I understand the stage 5 wheel part from RUQWKNF's post...thought not positive.

2) what is the right convertor for it? From RUQWKNF's post, it looks like I need one that stalls around 3200? If so, which one?

3) am I under injected? I think I may need some larger injectors.

4) in my sig I am currently referring to my turbo as a T60, would this be accurate?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am a slow learner! Been reading as much info as I can on the things, but it just seems really confusing!