Complete set of Epitome / GMP Signed Lithograph set # 004 with Yellow Drag Car


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Complete set of 1:18 scale Epitome / GMP Signed Lithograph sets # 004

This is your chance to get a complete mint set that has never been removed from the box. Set includes:

15 cars with signed lithographs 2 transporters and a trailer-----Photos and details can be seen of these cars at

1:18 cars

87 GNX #004 of 547
85 T-Type (burgundy) #004 of 300
87 Turbo T (Gray) #004 of 300
86 GN #004 of 350
87 GNX-Ray #004 of 300
85 GN #004 of 300
86 WH1 #004 of 300 (with Certificate and Gold Plate)
Molly Prototype GN #004 of 300
87 Black Chrome GN #004 of 354
87 Black Chrome GNX #004 of 547
Tweaked #004
Black Drag GN #004

Set Also includes:

Epitome #004 Diecast trailer
Epitome #004 GN Transporter
Epitome #004 GNX Transporter

Purchasing this set will also allow you to continue to receive future limited edition Buick diecasts from Epitome with the same #004 in the series.

Not looking to make a profit on these, will sell for cost of $1749.00 + Shipping.

Set will only be sold COMPLETE. I may consider holding the set and take payments till its paid off.

The buyer of this complete set will also be surprised with several REAL GNX items from my collection at no cost.

Email me directly at or call 630-707-0200


Joe Harrington