Coming Soon Replacement Steering Coupler/Rag Joint

Jay J

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Wanted to give an update. Received the part today. Although Dennis says it is refurbished, it looks like new. Don't know if that is paint or powdercoat on there, but it is very nicely finished. Concise instructions with photos included.
Will let you know how the install goes...

Thanks Dennis!

Jay J

Well, finally had some time to do the install. Filing the groove was the hardest part, but it took less than 30 minutes from start to finish. This is an easy upgrade that I found to be well worth it. The old rag joint was getting pretty shabby...


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Installed mine about a week or two ago along with the new column bearing. Rag joint and upper rupper seal were shot. Drives like a new car, what a difference.
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Dennis Kirban

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I wil lhave a display of the parts with used original parts so people can see first hand the difference...also one person coming to our Open House has the refurbished lower shaft installed and loves it....

Be surprised how alittle bit of play in your stock steering translates into major play by the time it turns your wheels...

The beauty about this refurbished lower shaft is its actually a GM part and 15 years newer than the rest of your steering parts in your car. Directions come with photos for the people like me....with little or know mechanical skills.

Its just another neat thing to do to improve your "ride"

Kind like our headlite upgrade and our LED dash instrument lite up grade...