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I just got my bill for Hagerty Insurance and it went up $160! Shopping around online I found that Grundy, Heacock and J.C.Taylor are much cheaper according to their online quotes. Before I call them, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of them. I'm insuring my WE4 and 70 GSX. Thanks! Paul


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I've had Grundy for over 10 years, have 4 cars with them, never had a claim but they have been very easy to deal with when adding a car and raising values of cars from time to time. Rates are great. I have read similar posts before and people that have had claims didn't seem to have any issues as long as you are abiding by the restrictions they have, which are very less restrictive compared to other collector car insurers.


Grundy for 4 years. No claims. Good to work with and when adding new cars and raising agreed upon value. I think I'm paying $250 a year per car with 20K+ coverage on each.



Grundy here too, no claims, but no complaints about service when adding cars or changing values. They adjust the agreed value according to inflation factors and I felt that the value of my 98 T/A got too high when comparing it to similar cars, so I dropped the value some to save money. I believe they are also the only one that would insure my 98 T/A under the collectors policy.

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I just got my bill for Hagerty Insurance and it went up $160! ........

I have been with Condon and Skelly for a few years and my annual premium is only about the same price as your increase. :eek:

No mileage limits, full coverage and my '87 "garage queen" is insured for $20K in comprehensive loss. My second 1987 GN was less than that with the 2 car discount.

Never had a loss, but they are backed by MetLife Ins. Co.


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I use Westfield for $161/year at $20k coverage. No mileage limits but you have to have a regular car on the policy as well listed as your daily driver. My father uses the same coverage and they have always been easy to deal with in regards to claims, values, and rates.


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I just got my premium for my GN with State Farm. It is under the "show/race" car class. My 6 month premium just dropped from $70 every 6 months to $55. :) Stated value is $12K. I have 4 cars with State Farm and my parents have 3 cars with them.


Heacock here. No Problems, but fortunately no claims either. Nice to deal with adding cars and pricing when looking at new toys. Same issue with Hagerty, rates kept going up everytime renewal came around, before adjusting amounts for improvement or market(oh the good ole days). They have different mileage levels for those who get to enjoy their rides quite a bit.

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I've always been a little apprehensive about using collector car insurance on cars that I drive on the street. I have an agreed value policy with State Farm on the GN, just makes me feel a little bit more comfortable.


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My thoughts Paul.....

In al my years of having particular cars of stated value I have never ever had any special insurance with any of the collectible car insurance companies.

As others have mentioned....the key is stated value which probably requires an appraisal by a licensed apprasier which is good to have anyhow no matter what insurance you carry.

One thing about dealing with a regular insurance company is if you have multiple vehicles under one policy you save money and if you combine it with say your house and umbrella insurance it works out pretty good. Plus with a regular insurance company and a stated value you are not limited to where and when you drive your collectible car. I don't drive my turbo-t to car shows probably next to ever but come nice weather I drive it to work....I don;t want to be llimited.

Granted this may not be everyones choice but for a typical 20-25 grand value car that you want to drive whenever this is a good option. Its something you may want to explore with your current insurance company first since they insure your other vehicles.

Years ago I clobbered a deer with my turbo-T wife got hit in the Syclone......neither case was an issue.


I had American Collectors on my Suncoupe for a value that I determine. I have heard great things about them and had to test that when I totalled the Suncoupe last year. I had never in my life ever used insurance and was in horror about what I was about to go through. Fortunately for me, I had absolutely no problems at all. I am currently in the middle of a frame replacement restoration and hope to gain them back again. Of course the value will be increasing drastically due to the restoration.

I have also heard that Hagerty is a great insurance company to deal with as well for our cars.

I am needing to go to one of these companies for my T also, as I currently only have a full coverage policy through my regular insurance. I would not get even close to what it is worth. What kind of requirements has everyone had to provide for their turbo car policies? Lets say for 15 to 17K of insurance?

Very curious,
How are yalls rates so low? I am needing to get my WE4 insured. I called hagerty and they want $814 a year. Then the only local place I could get it without having other cars insured with them was state farm. They wanted $900 a year. Seems high to me...


How are yalls rates so low? I am needing to get my WE4 insured. I called hagerty and they want $814 a year. Then the only local place I could get it without having other cars insured with them was state farm. They wanted $900 a year. Seems high to me...
$814 a yr for a WE4 seems very high, I have a 69 GTO Judge value 43K through Hagerty and it costs me $400.
I have Grundy and very happy. As long as as your collector car is used regularly like a daily driver they don't cramp driving desire. Excellent rate even for just single vehicle coverage. I much prefer AGREED value over STATED value. I had Allstate for a long time but always uncomfortable with stated ins because It really only means the maximum they would pay in a complete loss. You would have to fight your ins company to get that much. Agreed to value they will simply send ya the check for the full amount. Since our cars are considered collectible I say treat it like one and get better coverage for less $ with a specialty insurer.
I had Grundy up until a few months ago. They changed ownership. Took over 40 days to get another car added to the policy, switched to Hagerty and called to cancel on 12/20 - they still haven't processed it yet. I am beyond understanding and will actively spread the word. They made doing business absolutely impossible.
I called grundy today and was told they no longer do just collector car insurance. I would have to have 3 daily drivers with them in order for them to write a classic car policy. Is this right or did I just happen to talk to the wrong person? I then called hagerty back to make sure that $814 was correct. I was told that the high premium is due to my age (I was told anything under 30 received a higher premium). I asked her that for a slightly modified stock car with 13K agreed upon value my premium is $600 a year higher than most? She said that is exactly right. What a joke. I guess I will try the other companies on listed on this thread and try them.