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Everything the Republicans find they go crazy with "we gotten now" . Tired of all the BS they throw around. IF ya don't want to DO something about all this BS then why even bring it up. Seems to me it's just Republicans being politicians. All talk an nothing gets done. What a job ! Spineless twits piss me off.

Chuck Leeper

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And...................Then, his next gaffe, he states he's going to beat Joe Biden. WTF is with this moron?
Note the droopy eye syndrome.. Lights are still on, but fast dimming. Nobody home.
By next Easter, he'll be hiding his own Easter eggs.
A sage, hillbilly saying, pretty much covers it: "His cheese done slid off the cracker". ;)
I hope there's at least 1 debate. The Trumpster is going to destroy this asshole.
I'm betting, after the first debate, any others scheduled, will be cancelled.

Ok, I'm done...........................For now!:rolleyes:


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I think even the Dims know Trump will destroy him in the debates. I wouldn’t be surprised if “they” try and cancel the debates for that reason


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Fageral extremists ain’t got shit on Donald... butt hurt Donald making them look they crash the economy ...throw $1200 to shut us up.

Good luck in November elite extremists, on both sides, you’ll need it you bunch of dorks.


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