Classic Car appraisals during Nationals, 23-25 May 2019.


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Richard has obtained the services of Terry Shaw of ALS Appraisal Litigation Services, Dresher, PA to appraise our cars during the get together at RC's shop (2557 Faucette Lane, Burlington, NC) 23 -25 May 2019.

Please note the suspense date of 10 May 2019 (indicated on the RC's Garage Special Appraisal Form) for Terry's receipt of the Special Appraisal Event Form, the Pre-Appraisal Form (Buick or non-Buick) and the pre-payment of $280 ($240 appraisal + $40 travel), to Terry at the address indicated. The $280 fee is only for pre-registered and pre-paid vehicles, others will have to pay $340, if time is available. Terry will appraise both Buick and non-Buick vehicles, so be sure to complete the correct pre-appraisal form.

The first attachment explains the importance of having you car appraised by a certified and licensed appraiser.

Please contact Terry with any questions regarding the appraisals.
P: 215-659-4947
F: 215-657-3409