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Go on red!
May 7, 2002
So there's no stereo at all in my T, no wires, no antenna, nothing. So came around to putting together a cheap system for the summer.

I traded for a couple Kicker Comp VR 10's 4 ohm. ~free

Marine 4 ch 75x4 Skar amp from the boat. $169

Fusion BT100 bluetooth receiver right to amp $50

Y adapter for RCA to feed all 4 channels to amp $30

4 ch amp install kit and speaker wire $100

Focal 4 inch coax in upper door panel. The plan is to relocate the window switches into the lower door panels forward of the lock switches, then put a hole in the upper door panel for the speakers where the window switches were. $85

Dash placement will have Kicker 2.75 inch mid ranges. $55

The subs will just be put on a 3/4 mdf plate that fits over the spare wheel well and a 2 inch dia port that fits as best it can. I'll bolt it through and run a bead of black silicone to seal it, but I won't even try to seal it beyond that, it'll be what it is. Wood/silicone/screws - $50

Ch 1 and 2 will run all 4 front speakers parallel at 2 ohm with high pass filter on, and 3-4 bridged to the sub on low pass. Amp will go under pass seat.

The system I had in my old GN was similar, I had 3 inch Corvette Bose twiddlers in the dash and Boston Acoustic 5.25 separates in the door concert sound locations and a single JL 10 in the trunk. The front sound stage was good as the twiddler wasn't too bright off the glass.


Go on red!
May 7, 2002
Added a skar 7 ch EQ with sub level out and master vol control, for $46, why not? Should work with the BT100 feeding it so I can control volume manually as well. Going to add "bass blockers" to the 2.75 perhaps even though there is an xover on the amp since I'm parallel the 4 inch focals to them all on 1-2 ch. Also 100ft more wire and two more Y rca since I pirated them to my Suburban. With the bass blockers I got a few different ones, another 125 order. Brings the total to $664. Now I just have to get out the death wheel and start cutting.

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