Champion Intake & Molnar Rods

Troy D

Up for sale is a used , not by me Champion Intake. Offcenter set up for stock placement for fuel regulator. Here the deal on this. When I bought it, it was supposedly just cleaned up.
When I was having my heads ported I dropped this off with them to check it out and I got the call that it is ported bigger than the Fel Pro 1200 gasket that it's supposed to match. He continued to tell me that I can run this intake just that you will have to cut the gasket. I didn't want to bother with that so I got a new one. I can supply the measurements if requested.
$500 for this Intake +fees+shipping

Next up is some brand new wide journal stroker rods made by Molnar. I bought these before I had my Moldex stroker crank in hand. It was advertised as wide journal and ended up being narrow journal so these are up for sale.
6.3 in length with ARP 2000 bolts All are still sealed in bags except 1
$500 +fees+ shipping
Thanks, Troy

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