Chad Henderson wins SGMP


Congrats to Chad henderson

Holley No Boost winner Chad Henderson met with Francis Johnson in the final after defeating Jason Richards and Rickey Fox. Johnson put together a pait of 4.66's to get through Dave Boger and Ron Hamby. Top qualifier Brian Mchee fell off pace after a 4.54 @ 170 on his earned single. Henderson put up a .65 @ 155 to get around Johnson. Monte Smith made the announcement this weekend that there will be a No Boost class at future events.

Chad Henderson before 4.80 @150 pass........

Dusty Bradford moooving........

Dusty Bradford

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Big congrats to my boy Chad. He put together the best string of passes for a nitrous radial car. Consistently running 4.65 to 4.72 every pass. He's worked his butt off for over 2 years to get the car working like it needs. He had a best 60' of the weekend of 1.18 but it ran 1.19-1.20 every pass yesterday.


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Great job by both of you!! I wish I could have made that event , it looked like a great turnout!! Good luck with the changes for both of you. Mike:cool:


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Congrats to Chad and his crew!!!

The car was looking and running incredible! Also, thanks for the jump box in the staging lanes. :biggrin: