Cause of slow Turbo spool?


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We just got done upgrading our 86' T-type with a new Precision GT3255e turbo and it seems to spool up very slowly. Infact, the stock turbo which was bad, still spooled up faster than this new turbo. As far as I can tell we have no exhaust leaks, and everything is in good order. The turbo is turned all the way down on the Wastegate Actuator. I just need some ideas to look into, maybe I missed something. Here is a list of upgrades we also perfomed when we had everything apart.

New Valve cover gaskets.
New 10mm spark plug wires
New AC 43TS sparkplugs
New Bosch 42.5 lb injectors
New Turbo hoses
New Armstrong Street chip
Autometer boost guage

The only thing we haven't put on yet is the Walbro 340 fuel pump. Which is getting done this weekend. Also, I haven't been getting on the car to hard, because this upgrade hasn't been done, but I can still tell that the turbo does not spool up as quick as the stocker, and it is supposed to spool up very quick. Thanks for any help!:D :)


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Are you sure that Red burnt your chip for Bosch 42's instead of 009's??

AFAIK - Bob Bailey and Eric @ TurboTweak , are the ones that burn "correct" chips for the Bosch 42's, and don't just send you chips for 009's.

Check and make sure the puck is sealing.



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try tightining the actuator. you should have it so you half to pull on the arm about a half inch to connect it to the arm on the exhaust elbow.:D


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Originally posted by jspeed86
The turbo is turned all the way down on the Wastegate Actuator.

If the arm is on loose at all, it will take forever to build boost. Make sure that there is tension on the arm. If there is tension, check for exhaust leaks from the turbo to the header.
Finally, what are your O2's when trying to spool? It's possible you are rich when trying to spool.


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Check for vacuum leaks. I had one one the vacuum block on top of the throttle body that caused slow spool.


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Thanks for the help guys. I will be putting the fuel pump on today, so I will check into all those things. Thanks again.:)