Catback/Catalytic converter mounting tab


Swapped out exhaust systems, went to a gn1 performance system, from what looked to be an ATR system. i noticed on the gn1 system it didnt have the mounting tab between the catalytic converter and the start of catback system. I don't like the idea of letting the system hang with no support in the middle. Any ideas where i might be able to find a solution? i've attached a pic so you can see what i'm talking about. thanks for the help.


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@OConnor thanks, I have the hanger portion off the trans Mount and the rubber, just missing the piece off the exhaust collector which bolts into the rubber straps.

'87 Turbo "T"

What a complete shitshow!!
The Pypes I installed(if I remember correctly) did not have a tab either.

When I got it hooked up & bolted up with the exhaust hangar it seems very rigid. No drooping or anything. I did put a new piece of rubber on my exhaust hangar though.