Cash for Clunker--> Destroyed GNX


Did anyone ever see the movie " Idiocracy " I'm sad, I think thats whats wrong with the world today. Everyday a new tool is born, with the potential to do something even more stupid than his forefather managed to do. Guess we'll have to call it the lucky 546 now. And those other!!

So I guess taking those fancy cars and selling them at barret jackson and
donating the proceeds to charity was not an option....guess its more fun to just take a gym bag full of hundreds and put a match to it. I really just don't get why someone would do stuff like that.

The people that clunked these cars probably are execs at AIG GM Chysler or one of the many banks that got bailed out due to thier extra special money management skills!

Rant Complete. :mad::mad::mad::(:(:(

We need a GNX # before I believe this.

I agree, I had a group of gangsters say man that's a nice chevy about my T. Idiots, every dude that I get to talking to "with a friend who's dad has a silver GNX" makes me wonder: why do people even bother trying to sound like they have true knowlege about these cars. Then I tell them gn's only came in black and they try to argue with me that they came in color when I have my t-type sitting 5 feet away from me. Lmao! I didn't think our cars qualified for the clunkers, did they?


I am not so sure I believe ALL of that info to be accurate. First of all, i thought the program was designed to remove 85-01 model cars from the highways. According to that statement (which came from the internet), the 06 F-150 would not have qualified.

You never know though.....I have bought some damn good deals on some valuable cars for next to nothing. In fact, the two-toned car in my sig was given to me by lady because her husband never drove it. It wasn't as nice as it sits now, but I was able to crank it in the yard and drive it on the trailer! I even offered her money for it!


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If you look at the official website they list a GNX on their cash for clunkers list.

I would have conveniently forgotten to file the paperwork and gotten myself a $4500 GNX......

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ARGH, 76 AMC Eagles destroyed
205 El Caminos (one of my favorite vehicles)
But that GNX REALLY makes me angry at the gov for it

I thought only vehicles with bad gas mileage could be turned in, so why were so many Eagles destroyed? my 83 Wagon with a 6 cyl and an auto gets near 30 with my foot made of feather


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One item that is not collected in the Cars for Clunkers list is the condition of the vehicles. I had an El Camino, it was so rusted that it would have been great to get 3500 - 4500 $$'s for it. The frame was rotted, the bottoms of the doors rusted out, no rear quarters to speak of. Even the floor pans were gone. Not to mention the holes in the bed.

It would have cost 30 K $$'s to put it back together. For a vehicle that would have fetched $12K in great condition.

And I thought mine was bad. Currently there is an El Camino in the local yard that is so rusted it is disappearing by the day. I've never seen a car so engulfed in rust.

Then the 'clunker' GNX. Did it actually have a turbo motor in it? Or maybe a NA 3.8 out of a regal? Maybe it wasn't really a GNX, maybe a clone. What condition was it in?

Granted, if it was a real GNX someone with no ethics could have used the VIN tag and body plate to "create" a GNX from the remains. But just maybe it wasn't even worth looking at. And again, was it really a GNX? Or a Regal with a GNX insignia on it?

Have to remember, this is the Internet mixed with the Government. What a combo... All invented by Al Gore...



I love this thread

You got a guy trying to sell a GNX turbo for $4000 and somebody trading one in for $4500 . you gotta laugh


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I have to agree with what a lot of people are saying, I think some tard just saw a GN and called it a GNX. To the uneducated they're one and the same. I can't tell you how many people will see my T and tell me stories about "Yeah man, my buddy had a GNX back in the day...thing was FAAAAST!!" I just have to nod and roll my eyes. Yea buddy...sure he did.:rolleyes:

I think that whole list is BS though...I want to try and have enough faith in humanity to say no one, no one on this entire earth could possibly be THAT stupid without forgetting to breathe. And if they ARE that stupid, god I hope they DID forget to breathe!!:mad: