Cars you wish you could have kept


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Oct 10, 2014
1961 Ford F-100. 300 ci 6 with 3 on the tree. That truck never failed me! On super cold days I would have to put both feet on the dash and grab the choke. Pump the go pedal a bunch of times and that thing would start every time! Always carried jumper cables, not for me for the others who couldn't start. Traded it in on a 68 Impala with a 307 oil burner.


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May 25, 2001
Here's one I had to part out after the 400 seized up on the highway at 65mph, needed a Kenne Bell booster plate I guess, almost made 200K.
Only paid $400 for it and it didn't quite look as nice as the one below same color though, disc brakes, A/C, console with nice bucket seats and turbo 400. Sold the hood, seats, console, tranny and got my money back.



Nov 25, 2003
A couple I wish I had back.....1972 Chevy Cheyenne short bed pickup, red with a matching hard cover on the bed and a cowl induction hood (even though I even traded it for my current 87 GN). The pickup was driven on my first date with my wife. My first car, 1967 Pontiac Catalina 2 door hardtop, gulf turquoise. Sold that to my step daughters boyfriend. He wrecked it, then got it towed and never went to tow yard to get it out. Tow company got title and sold it before I knew it happened. 1976 Grand Prix SJ, daily driver for a while. And even though it was a winter beater, an 81 Pontiac Bonneville coupe. The V6 blew up and I dropped in a 78 301. The wife actually bought me this car.


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May 28, 2001
This is my 70 Chevelle 454/450hp LS6 that I ordered new and took delivery in March of 1970. I did some engine blue printing, headers, electric fuel pump, installed 4.88 gears, plus others and ran BS/A in 1971. These are the season trophies from the track. I got married in 72 and sold the car. I had nothing to do with performance cars until a friend took me for a ride in an 87 T-Type and that awakened my need for performance. I then got my 87 GN. There is a lot more to the story but I wish I still had the 70 Chevelle LS6 to go along with the GN.



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Mar 11, 2010
I wish I still had my Sublime 70 Dodge Super Bee. Ramcharger, white int. bench seat 4spd. had the opportunity to get it back, but didn't have the room. Now I have room.


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