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Okay I'm in the process of getting a BUNCH of shirt designs made and wanted to see if people here would be interested in buying any. These would be high quality, very detailed images, printed on nice quality shirts. Since i have all of the control on this, from concept, shirt choice, quality control - i can hopefully bring all of us nice designs that we can be proud to wear. MADE IN THE USA

Pricing - like everything else - depends on demand. I will upload designs as i finish them…. i work a lot of hours and this is on the side for the time being so give me some time for new stuff. I can tell you i have around 7-10 shirts going on.

Here are a few. These images do not depict the detail. They are just quick renderings.

let me know if you guys are interested.

thks- aaron
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As soon as i get actual printed samples ready and they meet the quality i want we will go into full production. Right now i am getting sample blank shirts in as well as getting everything organized. They will be worth it. Hell - they better be, i have already invested a ton of money ….. lol..

Quick question: What are most of you guys wearing? XL… Ive noticed shirt prices only really come down when you buy at least a case - which in most cases is 72. So i would need to buy bulk in the sizes that sell best….

Also i will have shirts for the woman as well…



thanks for everyone who posted and PMed me. I will continue to update with new images and new information as i get it.


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XL please do black tshirts

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I will... I try to avoid white tees... I never like the look and they look old after a wash.. So I'm leaning towards Grays. I will offer black as well and I think the Super 6 will look badass on a royal blue... But we will see. I know I'm excited... Lol