Building a 7sec 87GN Drag-n-Drive car with V6 Stage 1 heads!


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LOL. I was wondering how you could lift the body with back bars in. Of course now I see they weren't welded.
I thought they were going to be a bigger PIA than they were. Even with the bars welded in I can still raise the body 5-6 inches. We had to lower the body to fit them and tack then try to raise it again to weld the top side. When we went to weld them to the frame/crossmember we had to get creative with ratchet straps and transmission jacks to suck the frame back up. When Ray went to weld the underside of the bars after the body was back down he ended up lighting the headliner on fire! I am now waiting on a new one and will have to raise the body one more time to put that in.


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And its done!



That wasn't easy and if someone asked me how to do it again I would tell them to cut the floor out and remove the body. Tig welding is hard enough as it is and everything is difficult when doing it inside a car. We ran into a oh Shit moment figuring out how to weld the outside of the secondary door bars. After raising the car we got the bar inside the hole for the door wiring. How Ray got two hands and tig torch in there to weld it is still beyond me.

While the cage is done there is still a ton of fab work needed. I started laying out the rear bars.