Building a 1964 Buick Special


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A little customization to the American Torq Thrusts. The decals came from a vendor called They take a while to arrive due to them being eastern Europe, but they were worth the price (under $10!).



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Been working with a few new photo filters. If the picture of the car looks better than the actual car, you know you've found a good filter!



I'll need to make some upgrades this year, so stay tuned. The engine mounts are shot (I used the stockers from the original '64 225 V6), and upgrading to the turbo V6 versions means updating the frame brackets as well. I was able to source the frame brackets from another member.

Also in the works is upgrading the seats. I'm begrudgingly doing this because of the excellent condition of the stock interior; however, the large amount of miles I've been putting on the car have forced me to look for a comfort upgrade. I've ordered replacement covers for the front and rear benches from TMI, along with improved foam for the front bench. More pics to come soon -
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Fantastic work !
Maybe you should market that intercooler scoop i'm sure some of the Slic guys would buy it.;)


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I've finished the "easy" part of this winter's upgrades (the new seat covers from TMI). The front seat also uses their foam, which provides a bucket-like feel. They are very comfortable. The color is pearl white with grey velour inserts, which is very nice with the stock door panels and carpet. I'm interested in honest opinions!




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This weekend, I added a little more "TR" content. I scored a set of very clean used aluminum drums from a local turbo Buick guy. The drums are 9 1/2" - just like the rear drums back in '64. I just slipped them over top the existing brakes, and readjusted.

I'll try to get full size images up later today.
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What happened?!?

I lost several pages of updates from 2020 and 2021. The new rear axle, front mount intercooler, methanol injection, coil over upgrades... ALL GONE!


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The site went down and they lost a lot of pictures. If you want repost some of them. People would like to see them I'm sure.

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They're supposedly working on recovering all the old posts and pictures though. I've been refraining from updates until I see that happen.


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Still waiting to see if several pages of vehicle updates will be recovered. In the interim, I made a couple of upgrades over the winter.

First, I added a floor shifter. Although I like the stock column shifter, it wouldn't engage any gear past "drive". I have a couple extra gears than that, having added the TH2004R. Plus, if I ever wanted to dyno this thing, I needed to be able to shift (and hold) low gear. The shifter is a Summit unit that looks a lot like a Lokar, but with a less elegant park lock gate. The boot is a Lokar unit that I dyed to match the door cards.




I also bit the bullet and paid for a good rebuild of the transmission. It's a Stage 1 unit from Janis Transmissions. After test driving this weekend, the trans rebuild is the best thing done so far. I hadn't realized how soft the shifts were - particularly the 2-3 shift.


Finally, I got around to restoring the underside of the hood. While the engine looked great in the bay, the hood and hinges/springs were eyesores. The paint is the correct code, and you can see how faded the 58 year old original paint is.


I hope to get this into a local guy (Aggressive Performance) for some tuning in late spring.


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I truly enjoy watching you work on this car. It's a car anyone would have in his or her garage.
Thanks for all the Pic ,its sad we lost so many of your build but I have most burned in my memory.


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At this point, I've got the car mostly done to the level that I want it. Unless I decide to do the body restoration at some point... Which is kinda a long shot. That's a year and a half commitment that I'm not willing to make right now.

However, I will still do some small tweaks here and there. Such as, I added a line lock over the past couple of weeks. Gotta be able to heat those tires in the event I ever want to go racing!