Buicks, Java, Springs, and a 13k Mile 86 GN


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New Video is LIVE on my channel. Today we met up some of the MAGNA crew for an impromptu Buicks and Coffee at Quickchek. We also got a chance to replace a broken spring on the blinker cancelling cam in my steering wheel. AND We also got schooled on how to test good and bad valve springs and finding out what the minimum requirements for spring pressures/ratings in different types of setups. Thank you Paul!!! AND last but no least we got to check out Jim's gorgeous 1986 Buick Grant National hardtop, with ONLY 13K, miles which has been family owned since buying it from the dealer. Sweet car. This was an awesome day and I now have a working/auto cancel left turn signal!!!! Its only been that way since before I bought it. Who knew how easy of a fix this was. HA HA HA!!!

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