Buicks @Cecil 2021


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Mar 16, 2005

From the beautiful weather, to tons of beautiful Buicks, it was a great day at Cecil County Dragway for the Buick East Coast Regional race hosted by Northeast GS/GN club, and car show hosted by MAGNA. From 8 second turbo V6 Buick’s to 100 point show cars, the turnout was amazing. I was so happy to see everyone out since last years event was cancelled.

I haven’t had the car out racing in a couple years so it was great to knock the cobwebs off of it and get it down the quarter mile. I need to get my 60 foot sorted and figured out it out because I’m losing valuable ET there. Also the car needs to be able to hold the brakes better at the line, as my first run I pushed right through the beams at only 5lbs of boost on my first time shot/qualifying run. All in all a great day and you know what they say, a bad day racing is better than a good day in the office.

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