Buick V6 swapped Isuzu Impulse.


Caustic Cacophony
I had a lot of fun last week with the Impulse, this was my first time with a manual trans at a track and I loved it.
This is my daily driver and it wasn't quick or fast but it is quicker/faster than my original drawthrough turbo Regal setup from years ago.

This has an old Borg warner T50 5 speed trans with a dog leg shift pattern. You cannot make a fast 1-2 shift
I have no idea what the rear axle ratio is and it's an open diff.
V6 is a early turbo block/crank, KB 1XB cam/lifters/timing set, KB number 1 intake, KB oil booster, cleaned up stock heads, 600cfm Holley, long tube headers, 2.5" h and y pipe, Ravin muffler. 87 octane