Buick Parts I Want Gone !! All PARTS ARE SOLD !!

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Jan 25, 2002
Excellent, I‘d like to have it.

Also, what are the statuses of #’s 2, 4, 26 and 36... and is 36 able to be shipped? Thanks!
Hi, sorry but 2 - 4 - & 26 have been sold but yes 36 can be shipped. If interested send me your zip & I can get you the shipping cost. Thanks Mike


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Apr 17, 2010
Hello Santa Mickey
Got my Christmas presents I bought for me from you today. Never made it to the wrapping paper,. Was like a kid in heaven. Thank you sir
Mary Christmas and happy holidays to you and all members and their families.
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Apr 11, 2004
More Parts
24 - Nice new spare tire & wheel with good used jack & lug wrench. Wheel has a spot on it where the paint got rubbed off ( see pic. ) tire still has the white writing and tits on it. Also original gray valve stem cap. $150
25- 6 rear 3rd brake lights. Some good the way they are & and some need repainted. $50 for all six.
26 - Complete set of drip rails for a hardtop or Astro roof car. These came off my 40,000 mile show car & was always garaged. Please note that I was able to push the weather strip back enough to get all the little screws out but did get a few little tears on the back side of the weather strip but once glued back down in those spots you'd never know the difference. These are original GM that came on the car and absolutely have NO cuts, tears, splits etc. they are still nice & soft and very supple. All the metal trim pieces are excellent. $350 for it all or $300 without the 4 moldings.
25- Looking for a grey Brake light.


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Apr 22, 2006
Mike- interested in these if available-
12 - Set of 8 clips for the main instrument cluster cover or radio bezel. $15 a set


Apr 18, 2020
Here's a bunch more Buick parts I'd like to sell off. A lot of these parts are off my show car I totaled.
There will be more pics. of parts below.

1 - Right side park light with a small star like hit at the very bottom of it. Hard to even see. $15
2 - Lower steering column cover with vent. Has small square hole in it for a switch. ( see pic. ) $15
3 - Excellent drivers side kick panel. ( gray) $15
4 - Excellent stock intercooler screen. $20
5 - Shift cable, it's a little tight but worked just fine in my car. $45
6 - Brand new Alto red eagle wide band & detent for our 200's. Both $45
7 - Refurbished front license plate mount & right side relay bracket. $15 each.
8 - Original vent tube & filter for valve cover to turbo. $20
9 - Original GM U joint straps & bolts $20.
10 - Sandblasted clean dog bones for mounting bumper. $20 for two.
11 - Left front pull strap escutcheon, NOT broken anywhere but does have two very light scratches on it. $20
12 - Set of 8 clips for the main instrument cluster cover or radio bezel. $15 a set
13 - Excellent hinge for the console lid. $10
14 - Set of very nice 4 black H/L rings. $50.
15- Can do 2 or 4 stainless H/L rings, like new. $10 apiece.
16 - Refurbished firewall mounts for the P/M. $20 each.
17 - A Amsoil 4in. cone filter. does have a few wrinkled fins. Not bad but there. Best filter I ever found. $20
18 - Chrome fender to core support brackets. One has a little chrome peel at one bolt hole on the side of it. Hard to detect once installed. I paid $100 for these years ago from SE Turbo. Sell for $45.
19 - Perfect stock right side intercooler bracket. $25
20 - Cruise control servo and mounting bracket, painted candy blue. Easy to repaint if wanted. $50
21 - Very nice set of telltales left & right with frames. $20 a set.
22 - Lower grille filler panel in excellent shape NO cracks or chips. Will need repainted. $45
23 - Both A pillar gray moldings in excellent shape. $40 for the pair.
Thanks Mike
Hello Mike,
I would like to have #4, the stock turbo inlet screen. Address is 1071 Toltec Trl, Georgetown, TX 78626
Thanks, if available. Let me know total $$$ to ship it.

Mar 25, 2021
27 - Right side under dash cover in excellent shape. $25
28- Complete gas pedal set up. $20
29 - Burgundy A pillar molds & B pillar molds in very nice condition. $20 for each set.
30 - Excellent emergency brake set up. $20
31 - Nice trunk latch. $10
32 - All 4 inner & outer H/L buckets. $35 for them all.
33 - Excellent Limited door panel trim plate. $10
34 - Good stock flywheel. $25
35 - Very good right side quarter glass. Is tinted & it's shot, rubber & glass are nice. $50
36 - Aluminum rear bumper support that's been sandblasted & painted with a steel gray paint. It's in perfect shape. $125.
37 - Two valve covers that have NO holes in them they are solid. I sandblasted them clean. $45 for both.
38 - T-top plastic trim pieces. They are dirty but are not cracked or broken anywhere except the one side piece has that small crack. See pic. $100 for it all.
No pics but I also have GN drive shafts, all 4 gray rear quarter panel trim pieces that are very nice, excellent arm rests, pull straps of different colors, and will be listing some RARE memorabilia items.
Thanks Mike
Do you still have 37? how much shipping to 60638 thanks