Buick LeSabre


Dual Fuel Injected
May 25, 2001
New Bern NC
No, it's not a real LeSabre GN. Yes, it's finally fun to drive now with this engine combo! I *spray canned* the satin black paint using 7 cans. (Where is the red-neck-missing-tooth smiley when you need him).

I used a 1999 Bonneville as a donor car and swapped the entire drivetrain with subframe into this car in two days. It's really an easy swap. The wiring was also pretty easy to do also.

Engine specs:
Modified Supercharger Housing
Modified & Ported Lower Intake Manifold
Ported Heads
Camshaft - 206/216 at .050" - Intake Lift .512" lift - Exhaust Lift .507" - 115 LSA
Aftermarket Pistons
Polished Factory Rods
Upgraded Valve Springs and Retainers
Ported Exhaust Manifolds
2.8" Supercharager Pulley making 13psi of boost.