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So I was driving home from Dunkin Donuts and this SUV is tailgating me so I gave him a little taste of the nope pedal to let him know he was barking up the wrong tree so he speeds up and starts tailgating again so we come up to a set of lights turning red I stop he blows the red light (and that's when I knew I was dealing with a complete jackass) so I catch up to him at the next red light now I'm behind him(single lane)waiting to make a right onto this 3 lane bridge I then noticed that jackass was driving a bmw x5m( the m stands for menstruation) so the light turns green he makes the right and jumps on it I make the right and now it's on ( I'm set up for the situation running my drag radials etc) I catch up to him and blew him a kiss as I passed him he had no idea he picked a fight with the wrong TR.


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Good kill! Here in NYC I am not sure what's up with these ass clowns in their BMW's etc and especially those in their Infiniti Q crap tailgating to egg someone into a race. It's happening more often now.


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you've gotta watch some of those German junkers, they can be seriously fast- especially be careful with RS3/RS7 Audis, from a dig and on the street they'll hurt some feelings.

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Yep they probably can ...but I'm not driving your average muscle cars.
I have this addiction for HP and it's awesome I have raced everything from Porsche to corvettes in my procharged nova and haven't lost until I ran into a Turbo Buick and he crushed me. So I said to myself if you can't beat them join them .
So I bought a TR spent a pile of $$$
Making it fast and absolutely love it
I drive my TR more than the nova it's just a blast to drive .


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Ya, that happens to me. Usually it's a girl driving an Elantra with a bunch of bumper stickers. Very rare is a true challenge from something that actually has some nuts.