Buddy Ingersoll ill!!


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Wow, very sad to hear Buddy is ill.:( He truly was one of the pioneers of Turbo cars in the drag racing world and especially of Turbo Buicks.


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That is sad to hear, Tried to get him to come to the tb.com nats last year and he wasn't doing well then either:(


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I have the utmost respect for Buddy. I hope he has given his knowledge to someone. Folks you, can take it with you but it helps NO ONE. I tried to talk with him years ago and wouldn't givean ounce of info. I hope his son carries on with the family tradition but learns to pass on valuable info. God Speed Buddy if you read this. I sincerely hope you get better.


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Good luck Buddy. I remember him posting on here a couple of months ago, seemed like a good ol' boy.


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He's a member here and a few of use were lucky enough to get time to read his posts. Here's his profile for those that want to take a look.:) He was a pioneer in the sport but was shut down because of others that didn't want to change. Now look at all the turbo cars out there on and off the track.:biggrin: I hope he gets better and maybe comes back to join in some of the discussions on the bard again.:)



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Ingersoll said the two 204 mm units combined weighed less than the one he used in Rockingham the first go-round.
I still can not wrap my head around this. If 204mm were the smaller turbos, what was he using before that? :eek:


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I would love to see the look on those pro stockers back then when he handed them their A$$:eek:.Thanks Buddy



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Buddy was one of the reasons I moved away from the Big Block to the turbo cars. Get well Buddy!!!!!!!

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Last I heard he is still at home . Several of his old drag racing friends are working to finish an old Mercury he had been working on. Sounded like there were a lot of stories going about the old turbo Buick . Wish I could have made it to sit in .