Broke the seat bracket


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So I went to take the ole girl for a spin before going away for the long weekend. I decided to get some breakfast at the Dublin donuts drive they. As I went to reach for my wallet, stretching myself out and putting alot of force on the upright portion of the set, I managed to break the seat. When I looked under the seat to see the damage the bolt that screws in from the bottom through the flat long piece of the left side just split long ways in half. I was just shocked that an 1/8" piece of metal can split like that. Now every time I accelerate, my front left part of the seat lifts and puts me backwards.

Goes to show me the life of the car sorta. It mimics what happens when you guys with power launch the car.

Anyways back to the issue. Now is there a way to just weld it back together or do I need a hole new seat bracket for the left side of the seat?

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there are 2 different styles. both have nothing interchangeable. both motors are different and that makes the switches and wiring different. also the 86 and earlier has steel seat tracks the 87's have aluminum seat tracks. the 87's have a 3 motor set up the 86and earlier has a combined 3 motor setup with a plastic housing. if you have all the parts you can swap all this stuff around because the bolt pattern on them is the same. if you figure out you cant fix yours I have a few of them around here in working unbroken shape


Damn James! You must strip cars in your dreams. What details.

Not to hijack but my left front also broke. Horizontally.
I fabricated a two inch piece of steel, butted them together and put two bolts on each side.

I could use a manual left driver side bracket.



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Duarte that's the same side everyone needs if they need one lol. i'm about 175 and not a big dude as you know and I have broken 2 of them at the track launching and I only have a mid to high 11's car. I just think they are kinda fragile and old. I don't usualy see the seat tracks themselves broken on power seats its more common on manual tracks. take a guess how I know? I have even seen non turbo cars ith way less power than our cars have with broken seat tracks. I have seen many boogered up welded ones too!