Brian Weaver + GBodyParts.Com = Excellent Vendor


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I'm using my first post on this Site to Thank one of the Site Sponsors/Vendors. (Long time lurker, recently joined)

I'm the original owner of an 87 GN, and started up a Resto/Update on my car.

I had ordered some parts from a National Restoration Vendor back in December.
The parts said 'arriving soon' on their website.
They strung me along for over a month and a half, giving me a different ETA for my order each time I called.
They gave a firm date, then backtracked when I saw that my order was still not processed and called them after that date had passed.

I contacted Brian at GBodyParts.Com on recommendation of a friend of mine. (Thanks Jim Testa!!)
Brian went out of his way to give me a great deal and processed my order right away.
Brian answered my email after 9PM Eastern Time and quickly helped me correct this fiasco with the other Vendor.

This is the type of Vendor that I will always support, and I hope that others on this board feel the same way!
With the rarity of available parts for our 33+ year old cars, it sure is nice to have a specialty Vendor like GBodyParts.Com!!

Many Thanks Brian Weaver, your excellent service is much appreciated!

- Jerry Rieger


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Brian has always done right be me. Answered questions, sent me photos of parts on his car so I knew how they fit.
No troubles here, but sadly many have.

Hopefully they’ve learned from the past.
Keep up the good work Brain.

Wasn't he having a lot of really bad personal problems during that time?


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I think you’re right. I started buying from them 7 yrs ago or so, granted, not that much. During that time it’s all been good.... for me.

About 5.5 years ago I needed a fairly hard to find part and sent an e-mail about 9:30pm and about 5 minutes later there was a reply. Was like that for a couple of days and got everything needed and shipped along with tracking number. A pleasure doing business with him. :)


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I've purchased stuff from G Body Parts on several occasions.

There is negative stuff out there, but....... "That's none of my business...."

Nor my experience, ever.

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Now that I think of it didn't he have a problem with someone in the office back around that time. Just can't imagine him messing with anyone on purpose.


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He got a LOT of bad "press" here a few years ago. I can't vouch for what ALL it was about.

I don't really know, and I don't need to care, as long as he gets it right now.

Everybody deserves a second chance in this life. No one knows that better than I do. You make a bed and you have to sleep in it. Sometimes changing the sheets freshens stuff up a bit............
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Brian also has his tech support, namely Dave
He has help me out a few times and provided me with info I needed
Thanks again Brian, Dave, and his gbodyparts teams


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My parts arrived in 3 days from GBodyParts.Com, and they are GORGEOUS!
I wasted at least 7 weeks waiting for the other Vendor and their empty promises!

I had a question on another part's availability for Brian yesterday, he answered it after 11pm last night!
Order placed today!!

Once again, I am completely impressed with Brian, Kelsi and the GBodyParts Team!
- Jerry Rieger


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Brian and the GBodyParts Team came through for me once again!
He gave me a great recommendation for a replacement to a part that I was looking for, and then had it at my house in 3 days!
I asked his advice on some other parts, he was very helpful.
He could have upsold me very easily, and instead gave me a different solution for what I was trying to do.
I am very impressed with their service, shipping, technical help, and honesty !!!