Brian Weaver for PRESIDENT ! ... "wait: he IS the President". :- )

1980 Buick

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Aug 17, 2009
Well, I'm now on my 4th set of Brian's 4 piece Bumper Filler sets / having just purchased 4 more sets for my 87' year Regal Cars... and I just wanted to say that once again: it was "expectation exceeded" !. Now: IF I could just enroll in his newsletter (after having signed up for it many x's after the last 5 years / and actually "GET" the newsletter), ... and then I'd be in Utopia. :ROFLMAO:

I've bought Mike's Fillers as well (the Spoolfool's), but Brian's "re-make" fillers are AMAZING as well / amid their perfect fit / and their reasonable price (w / all due respect Mike). Just reading about them (when you go to order them) was in itself: that "Classic-Weaver" we've all grown to love, and after that: it's the usual GREAT ATTN. to detail / and having my order sent so quickly / that keeps me going-back again and again !!.

I asked him if he's let wash his car ...

("I wonder what he drives anyway" ?) ...

"yeah: it's that great".

THANKS G-BODY !! :giggle:


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Jan 24, 2020
I've had nothing but excellent service from Brian Weaver and the entire GBodyParts Team!
I've spent over $7k over the last year and a half with GBodyParts and the only misstep was when a $23 package of bolts were missing from one larger order..
I wrote to Brian Weaver and he said they found them on the shipping floor and sent them to me right away.

I know that there are detractors on this site and have read where others have had issues. I can only state what my own dealings with him and his company have been like. GBodyParts is the first Vendor that I look at when I need parts for my '87 GN.