brass oil block leak, fresh build


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Mar 6, 2002
I know this has been posted before but can't seem to find a clear answer. Also don't want to make a big issue of an NPT thread leak for under 100 psi. Simple solution should work. I should have adressed this when assembling but somehow I didn't. When screwing in the brass block to the engine block, I was not able to get as tight as I normally would for NPT since the orientation dictates full turns on the block so things line up and go together correctly. I added a few extra layers of teflon tape and put it back in. Finally fired up the fresh motor today and luckily the only real issue so far is this leak. So now i need to take it out (grrrr) the question is how to seal this thread into the block only so it's done for good...not worried about the other connections to turbo feed or pressure switch. I hope someone has solved this same issue.
Thanks to those with experience for input on this.