Bowling Green this year 2017


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Once again, I'll be going and sponsoring three of the classes. :)

Can't wait.

Mike B.


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Hey Keith,let me know what day and time you are leaving and maybe meet up along the way with several of us and cruise in together.


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I'll be there for the first time along with wb_7354 , arriving Wednesday with my WH1 and Bill's GN . To bad they'er not running the TPB class I was looking forward to it . Sam

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Just wanted to let you guys know that we will be there vending as we always are and if anyone wants to pre-order any parts to pick up there and save on shipping.
Give us a call and place your orders.
Plus we always do event "special" pricing, especially CASH sales ;)


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Would like to go but now that it falls on the same weekend as Cecil (which I help MAGNA run) I can't :(. Hope the weather cooperates for you all this year.