Bowling Green 2022


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Ok who is going?? My tunnel is complete and I will be exiting under the Corvette museum............that sink hole was convenient. :cautious: Can't wait for some adult beverages and catch up with some old grumpy friends.


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I’ll be there, was hoping THS would allow mini tubs this year. I think my car is currently running somewhere in the 10s so I will just hope to get a decent tune going and possibly qualify for TSMs if the track prep is good and the good Lord willing…


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I can only wish........ It was an all told 8K round trip for me from Phoenix in '17, even way more now, thanks to Brandon and Company.

I just can't make it happen.

Have fun, guys. I'll be there in spirit.....


Gray Beard Member take a private jet there?

Hauled a car out there in an enclosed trailer, diesel fuel, hotels, trip souvenirs, meals (most with new friends I paid for) booze in the bar(s), entry fees, bets......

Then, I turned around and went home, diesel fuel, hotels, meals, booze in the bar(s) X-10, trip souvenirs, etc.......

Nope, I did every mile in a truck with a car hauler........ all 3650 of them, not including side trips. :)

I'd do it all again, if I could........
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