Bought a new pistol today.


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Ballister Molina, but in 22LR. Slide markings are identical to my other BM's, which leads me to believe this was built by the factory as a trainer. The Ballister was an Argentine knockoff of the Colt 1911, but with no grip safety. Very nice shooting .45's. The new one is not in bad shape, considering it's 70 years old. Rear sight is damaged, but not bad for $150!!


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If the weight is close it will make a good target/trainer shooter.

Not sure what you can do to simulate the recoil however. ;)


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Yeah, it weighs a ton. Definitely a good trainer, then bump em up to the 12 gauge. ;)

1911's are great guns, but be careful whose you get. Some are definitely inferior. Friend of mine bought a Llama for cheap cause it looked piece of crap gun. Ended up doing what I recommended in the first place and bought a pricier unit. As they say "The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of lower price."

rob nolan

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I just bought a new pistol and rifle myself. The pistol is a 4 inch Springfield Armory XD 40, top is stainless.

My rifle is for deer hunting, and it's a Marlin 45-70 in stainless. I haven't shot either one of them yet. Can't wait to shoot the 45-70 rifle with a 405 grain bullet.


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You guys should all consider yourselves lucky to live in states where buying guns is that easy. I live in The People's Republic of NYC. :(