Body side moldings


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Where is the best place to get side moldings for a 87 Grand National? Closest to the originals you can get. Also need front and rear bumper filler pieces. These are for a one owner original paint car, so I would like to get close to the original as possible


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Goodmark makes a very good rubber replacement filler -will need to be painted.

Front Bumper To Body Filler Panel GMK446202084P
Rear Bumper To Body Filler Panel GMK446280881P

Spoolfool - makes a very nice set of fillers made of fiberglass and need not painted, but you can paint.

GBody carries the side moldings.


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FYI - Couple of pic's of the Goodmark Fillers installed so you can check out the fitment...


  • Goodmark Rear Bumper Fillers Installed.jpg
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  • Googmark Front Fillers.jpg
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Spoolfool on the fillers.
Spoolfools rear filler is the greatest for appearance and ease of installation and no need to paint if you have a GN, but be aware, it is a one piece unit. Not two like stock.

If you are looking to stay true to stock, Goodmark.