Body shop for Paint Recommendation?

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from what I have read and heard youuuz guys have it tuff up there with the cost factor , very expensive in that area , but only place ive heard of from some buddies in NY is quality collision in riverhead
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Marks hot rod shop, Yardville NJ or,

Eastern auto body, Allentown NJ,

Only two I know of and a long way from NYC.

Both do beautiful work and have been for many, many years.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

while there are many body shops, most of those guys are happy just doing the insurance work and don't want to get involved with a "restoration quality" or "show quality" COMPLETE STRIPPING, PREPPING & PAINT WORK.

I appreciate the desire to find someone who has done other turbo Buicks with success. I suggest contacting the area "mechanical" shops for our cars and ask for their recommendations. then you need to "interview" those recommended to decide your level of comfort with that shop doing the work and the time frame to completion once they are ready for the car. Also, maybe not supply the car to them until they are ready. have to ask where the car is stored while it is waiting and in process. if it's waiting outside, keep it your possession until they are ready for it.

Dave Husek is on Long Island

Jim Dunn is in the Philly area - Buick Turbo Performance Center (610) 721-4695

Bison is in CT -

jack Cotton is in MA -

Kirban's son Darrell operates Kirban's Custom's -

Russ Smith operates he'll strip and dismantle the car so that it is ready for the shop and also do the re-assembly. maybe call him to ask what shop he uses for the body and paint work.


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I heard someone on here mention the great job done by Heck's Auto Body in Pleasantville, NJ.

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They all suck. They forget about your car and it sits for ever. It never seems to get the details addressed. You most certainly will need to partially disassemble the car your self. They mask around shit that should be removed. They get over spray on the underside and engine. Then that fucking sanding silt from the wet sanding gets into all kinds of crevices and you have to dissemble everything to scrub it out with a toothbrush. Bag the car! For Gods sake! Cut a hole in the bag only where the work is taking place!

They suck! They all suck! They FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!

Even the ones that say that they are "restoration shops". Even the ones featured on television programs. Camera tricks and bullshit. See it in person and it will make you puke!

I can't even find a shop I trust to get my lower door fixed! Just that! That's all!

No matter what you pay!

They suck! I challenge any paint shop to make me happy, Any fucking one! Just ONE!

I would make a deal with any paint shop to fix my passenger lower door and make me happy for 5,000 dollars. But just one fucking inconvenience and I get the job for free. Not a single one can do it. They all SUCK!

Take a loan, buy a body shop, sell it after you do your car yourself. It's probably cheaper this way and you'll get a better job.


I share the same frustrations. I've been down the painting road and it was a total nightmare from beginning to end. The money is not even remotely the issue it's dealing with the shops. I had a notch back, race car, Mustang painted recently. It took 2 shops, over a year and close to $7500 all said and done. The car looked great in the end but was full of flaws and things that would be unacceptable on a nice car like my GN. Dealing with the people and shops wore me down to nothing. I'm in the Philly area and would love to find a shop for my 56,000 GN but I'm scared to death to go through this again.


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Joe I'm with you on this........It sucks to have a turbo Buick in NYC. I'm in Staten Island NY and I'm terrified to let the anybody touch my car. I wouldn't want anybody even to vacuum out the interior let alone install any Alky Kit or any other performance mods. Image me leaving my baby at a paint shop for a year......... We will have none of that. I'm learning how to paint myself.....