Bluetooth for OEM Stereo

I came across this and thought it would be perfect to hook up to a phone and listen to Spotify, YouTube or to your playlist without any modifications to our OG radio.


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I bought one of these. Works pretty good. I can charge my phone and take calls through it.


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I was thinking going more the other direction from stock 80's style and how to mount a 10-12" tablet in that space ala tesla. Pretty much every OEM has a shit stereo system vs. just something like android I can put my own music player app on, or something like Torque app as well for engine telemetry which is what I do on my driver, a 2011 G37 Infiniti. Sadly there isn't much of an obd1 to obd2 translator out there to use generically from our old ALDL ports with Torque, but even as just a media player I wouldn't mind having android in the dash on my GN. Clearing out that space for a tablet got me looking into replacing the AC with something like a Restomodair kit that can do bluetooth control and some other modernizations that would be cool for these beasts.