Blk GN Body Side Molding


Any idea where I could find a full set of OEM Body Side Molding? I have 1 complete full set of NOS GM but I'm in need of another set. Kirban's use to offer something that was close but I'm no longer seeing it available either. If push comes to shove I would settle for reproduction as long as it's real close.

Any suggestions?


On a side note....
I established contact with Steel Rubber of NC last week in hopes of seeing if they would be interested in reproducing the moldings if I provided a sample. They already use the 3M tape on similar type products. It would be very easy for them to pull it off. I’m sure it would have to depend on interest and if the investment would be profitable. I wonder who was the original producer for GM?
Getchasum .... If you already have a set of NOS. Please do get Steel Rubber to reproduce them!
I personally am up for two sets. As these cars are getting restored back to original often. It seems there are always people in need. Lots of originals got tossed out long ago.


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I am in for a set. Count me in. I can put a deposit of one dollar. :eek::eek: Seriously though you can count me on for a set.

Dennis Kirban

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kirban 2 cents worth

we carry it and its in stock same molding we been selli g for years even comes with illustration and specs where it goes its 99 per cent looking like thee original I don't know our part number off the top of my head call office christina knows it...
Just like bumper fillers have been reproduced to look 100% correct in appearance from the outside. If Steel Rubber can do it for us ... why not? Cause I personally would rather pay double to get 100% correct to settle for 99% ;)

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Any idea where I could find a full set of OEM Body Side Molding? I have 1 complete full set of NOS GM but I'm in need of another set........?

Scott, I have 2 NOS GN side moldings GM 20518950, still in the boxes that have been in my attic for at least 20 years, time for me to clear out lots of good stuff! :)


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Not to hijack, but I’m assuming you guys are talking about the moldings that are double sided taped. On both my cars, I have the one that is I believe riveted on and a m missing 2 end pieces. Does anyone reproduce these?


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For the dealer installed riveted stuff I would check with a local Buick dealer parts counter to see if it's a GM product universally used for which they may have parts etc. and knowledge.

Otherwise, you would need to know who manufactured and sold them in the 80's, places like JC Whitney etc. used to carry generic add on moldings.


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