black boxs


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hello people; We just had a mild discusion on the jubject and it was said they've been in cars yor years. I didn't know that and if thats true why havn't I heard any stories on it. Meaning it being used against you in an accident or speeding violation. And if there in your newer car I wonder where it is?


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The computers store certain information at the time of an Impact. For instance Nissan which I work for:

When the airbags deploy, it will record tps position, vehicle speed, engine rpm, gear the transmission is in, and weather or not the occupants seat belts were on.

It also can determine if the vehicle was accelerating or braking at that time

It's mostly used for warranty diagnosis, and the information usually cannot be disclosed without a court order


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Chuck Leeper said:
Most are disguised as blinker fluid tanks.....:D

Lol it's stored in the ecu for nissans, and can display a live readout via the on board diagnostics, although it won't record and store the information unless the airbags are deployed


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Center Airbag Control Module is usually what they are. Mounted securely to the body (under console either dash area or near where the seat backs are in Toyotas.


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From what I had read it is on cars with obd-2 puters, and reatains info for the last 5-10 seconds even if power is cut to the unit. Info like throttle position, speed, were the brakes used, etc...pretty much anything a good scan tool could read can be retrieved and and used for evidence in a serious accident. Not sure about obd-1 does anyone know about them?


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it was one of the main "features' of OBD2- in addition to standardizing the diagnostic plug and most of the diagnostic computer coding across all makes, it also mandated the datalogging.. regarding OBD1- there wasn't really an industry wide standard at that time, and every manufacturer kind of did their own thing. some might have had datalogging capabilities, but that would have probably only been towards the end of the OBD1 era in the early 90's.

OBD3 will essentially give Big Brother total control of your car if they want to take it- they'd be able to track you in real time and shut the car down, lock the doors, and keep the windows rolled up until the police come to arrest you for being a threat to homeland security because of that burnout you did out in the middle of nowhere. or maybe they could just make your car drive you to the cops- some new cars have the ability to apply the brakes and steer the car without any input from the driver- those ads that show the car parallel parking themselves just creep me out because of where that technology is going to take new cars and what kind of legislation will be passed to utilize that technology to "protect the kids".