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hello people; I had to get my 86T out of the place I had it stored yesterday. But the bla bla is is the way the car runs after sitting months of being idle... I've said this before but it's nice. Fuel injection really help with this. I disconnected the bat. added a fuel stabilizer and that was it. It fired right up and ran very well. It was mostly a hy-way ride home and I took it beyond the 85 MPH as shown on the speedo for a bit. That's it the cars out .


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I haven't even put the regular insurance on mine yet. If Witmer has her way the "T" will be garaged for the rest of 2020.

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Same results I experience a couple of weeks after 4 months parked in the garage... READY SET GO,,ZOOM.
Frederickdav .. you basically told us who wears the PANTS in your household. . LOL.