Billet Upper Control Arm Bushing

I was discussing the idea with a friend of having a solid billet aluminum upper control arm bushing on the passenger side to replace the "one" that gets burned up from aftermarket downpipes.This is my second time having to change my upper control arm bushing.I'm sure there is someone out there who has talked about this same idea.I believe that if someone made this billet upper control arm bushing,it will pay for itself..This is a must have on these turbo buicks..Even with using the metal shield it's only a matter of time before the rubber bushing melts away..

I would like to know how many people would be interested in the billet upper control arm bushing to show the venders who would be interested..Please chime in with your response and what venders we can get to make this much needed part.I think this part is a great idea and would be the first in line to buy,hopefully with a discount for bringing this idea to the turbobuick community..:) :)

Thanks for Looking and Responding!!


Yeah I saw that but it is probably still better than stock or whatever. You are going to have some kind of problem. If you use a strait billet piece without lube you are going to wear out the cross shaft. If you use lube it's going to melt away. BTW not recommended does not mean you can't.:D
This is one that the circle track guys use with a G-body. May be what you are looking for?

I have not seen or done one installed yet, so maybe someone can verify the dimensions as correct?

AFCO 20079 - AFCO Steel Control Arm Bushings

Nice piece,I would have to check my dimensions to see if it would work..
This is the right idea,something along these lines would work providing it would function without being affected by the heat of the downpipe.