Billet Spcialties Grand National Wheel


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We have G body repos and Budnik GN style, now Billet Specialties. They ARE pricey!! Be warned!!



I like them. 15" GN steel wheels have problems fitting over disc brakes. 16" has a super slim tire selection and 17", only a grand each to solve that problem.:oops:

Chuck Leeper

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The BS wheels are nice!
I have them on my 55 and have put them on several other cars/trucks, too.
Not cheap, but good quality.
$4K for the GN 's is a bit stout. My last set of 17" Streetlites was 1/2 that.
Don't buy their lug nuts. The last set I had were supplied with Gorilla brand. TOTAL JUNK.
We use McGards on all our stuff.