Big parts list

Fat Nat

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Ac delete pulley new 50.00
Kenne bell afpr 80.00
Billet top afpr 50.00
Injector harness 50.00
Ac y bracket powder coated black 50.00
Alternator y bracket powder black 75.00
Tach/boost gauge for cluster 50.00 not sure how accurate they are
Throttle cable bracket 75.00
Harmonic balancer 100.00
Turbo bracket 80.00
Rear bottom seat cover. Very nice no burns tears ect original 100.00
Heater line and hoses powdered black 80.00
Liquid filled fp gauge for rail 35.00
86 gn black pull straps 60.00
Vac hard line set 75.00
RJC 4” aluminum maf pipe with k&n 20miles on this stuff 175.00
Text 410-490-8405 Jeff


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Hunter Dog

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Tac/Boost Guage..can you send pic? Assume this is the analog unit that is part of the cluster and is sent to Caspers to be fixed when they do not read correctly? Please advise.
Thank you

Hunter Dog

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If you can ship them to Caspers and I get you the info to include in/on the box I will take them both if the wires have not been cut. Let me know.
Thank you

Hunter Dog

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Ok. Once I confirm the service order number with Caspers I will be in touch. I emailed them just a bit ago. Thank you. Jay

Hunter Dog

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I messaged Caspers. They informed me within a few weeks they are going to reproduce the boost/tach gauge. I am asking for the price of the reproduction. I will be in touch.


Is the harmonic balancer still available? Which engine/year is this for, looking for a non-EFI balancer (1980-ish 231 Turbo)