Big Parts List, Parting 86GN, 84GN, 85 Maroon T-type

-84 engine Rebuilt .030 Forged pistons, .010/.010 crank (complete minus turbo, coilpack/control module, ecm) $1000

-Syclone (air/liquid) intercooler modified with 3 inch inlet and out let $125
-Plastic Brackets to mount front air dam $30 for 2(For both sides)
-Good hood shocks $10
-Stock turbo inlet bell $20
-009 injectors $150

-86-87 engine hoist bracket(on intake) $20

-Vac brake set up(Master clinder, vac assist, and pedal) $80
-Vac brake set up with New(Reman.) B body Master cylinder(master cylinder, vac asist and gbody

pedal) $140

-New ARP Rod bolts 123-6002 $60
-New Felpro Valve cover gaskets(Perma Felpro) VS50156T $10

-8.5 posi rearend 3.42 $800
-8.5 posi rearend (Needs a new posi, the case has a crack in it) $400
-8.5 Non posi rearend $500
-GN driveshaft $50

BRF transmission $500
BQ transmission $250

87 gray cloth Limited front and rear seats $200
87 gray column (shift on column) $100
87 Split bench seat power seat track assembly $100

85 turbo Riviera std block $200
109 turbo block Std bore $300
109 turbo block .060 over $100

85 Turbo block bored .030, never used since machined $200
87 Rebuilt 109 long block less then 1000 miles on it (Postons cam- 212 Int/206 Exh)(block .030 ,

.010/.010 crank) $1500

87 GN long block(around 100k) $800

Original GN fender extensions for car with spoiler

Maroon console $150
84 GN console $150
87 GN console $150

-84 Red upper door panels $80 minus chrome/gray strips $50
-Grey T-type upper door panels no chrome strips $50
-87 Maroon upper door panels $50

Grey/chrome strips on upper door(that pull strap attaches) $35 each in good condition.

Drivers side Blackout head light bezel $40
Chrome head light bezels painted black $40 for both
Marker lights $40 each

Blackout wheel well moldings $60 each
NOS drivers side rear wheel well chrome(Regal) trim $40
Chrome(Regal) wheel well trim moldings $45 each

84-87 T-type header panel with hole filled $150
84-87 T-type GM header panel, has some small imperfections $125
84-87 Grand National GM header panel, has imperfections $125

Passenger remote mirror(needs paint) $60

87 GN seat belt set(10 pieces) $120

84 GN steering column $150
86 Blue steering column with tilt/cruise $150
Maroon steering column with tilt/cruise $150
87 GN grey column with tilt/cruise $150
87 grey coumn(shifter on the column) $100

84 Gold bucket seats $250 with rear seats $300
86 nice blue 86 442 bucket seats $150
Gray Monte SS seats $150

Maroon bucket seats need recovering $100
85-87 GN bucket seats need recovering $150

86-87 GN console $150
84-87 Consoles I am using for parts, e mail me with specific pieces
Shifter without T handle $25
shifter with blue T handle $50

85-87 Gray concert sound lower door panels $100
Concert sound door speakers with mounting brackets and wire harness $75

GN Dash Plaque $75
84-86 T-type dash plaque $50

86-87 Upper intake(dog house) $30
86-87 throttlebody complete(sensors,throttle lever, vac manifold) $100
86-87 bare throttlebody $40
86-87 Up pipe $25
86-87 Cruise control assembly $35

86-87 Water pump pulley $25
86-87 Crank pulley $45
86-87 Main accessory bracket $70
86-87 Y bracket on back of Alt $35
86-87 Flat Y bracket on front of AC compressor $35
86-87 Intercooler brackets $40
86-87 Coil brackets $40

86-87 Power steering res. bracket $20
86-87 Power steering pump $70

87 GN Electric fan $50
84 rad shroud $30

I have every piece for 84-87 GN engines(stock) E mail if you dont see it.

86-87 T-type wheels $100 each

87 locking t-tops $150
84-85 Non key locking t-tops $100

Astro roof complete assembly with wire harness, switch etc. $200 wont ship
Astroroof parts, I have the whole set up but the glass is scratched up, E mail with needs

Bigger then stock front sway bar $70
Fuel sender/fuel hanger(analog gauge) $80

87 BRF tranny $500
BQ tranny $250
Rebuilt BQ tranny $400
D-5 convert $50

Hot Air to Intercooled Conversion: Includes parts to convert from 84/85 to 86/87 Intercooled

setup. $1700


AC compressor(84-85) $40
AC compressor(86-87) $80

AC lines(84-85) $40
AC lines(86-87) $50

Adaptor(86-87 oil return to block, brass adapter,screws into block in front) $20
Adaptor(85 Turbo to intake adaptor) $40
Adaptor(Oil cooler adaptor with nut) $35

Air Cleaner scoop(86-87 Scoop for airbreather) $20
Air Cleaner assembly(86-87) $25
Air Cleanerassembly(84-85) $20

Alt.(86-87) $60
Alt.(84-85) $30

Balancer(Turbo harmonic balancer) $80

Battery cable guide(Small plastic guide that holds the posi bat cable to the lower front cover)


Block(109 Block) $300

Cam position sensor just the lower part(no cap) $30
Cam position (sensor with cap) $65

Coil pack(84-85) $40
Coil pack(86-87) $25
Control module(84-85) $50

Connecting rods(2 dot) $40 a set of 6 or $10 for 1

Crossover pipe(84-85 Exhaust crossover pipe) $35

Dip stick and tube(86-87 dipstick and tube) $40
Dip stick and tube(84-85 dipstick and tube) $30

ECM(84-85 ECM) $40

EGR plastic cover $5

Elbow(84-87 Turbo elbow) $25

Flex plate(84-87 Turbo flex plate) $25

Fuel rail(84-85) $25
Fuel rail(86-87) $35

Heads(stock 8445 heads needing rebuild) $50 a set

Injector harness(84-85) $35

Intake manifold(86-87 Upper intake manifold)$35
Intake manifold(84-85 GN intake) $40

Intercooler $45
Intercooler brackets both for $40

MAF(84-85 MAF) $40

Main accessory bracket(86-87,the big alum. one) $70
Main accessory bracket(84-85) $40

Motor mounts(metal, frame mounts) $35

Oil pan(Turbo oil pan) $40 each

Power steering pump(86-87) $70

Pulley(86-87 Crank pulley with adapter) $40
Pulley(86-87 Water pump pulley) $25
Pulley(86-87 Alt pulley)$15

Rock arms+shafts(stock, complete set) $35

Throttlebody(84-85 Throttlebody with TPS,IAC motor,vacuum manifold) $40
Throttlebody(86-87 Throttlebody bare) $35

Throttle bracket(84-85 Throttle bracket) $20
Throttle cable(84-85 Throttle cable) $30

Timing cover $35

Valve covers (84-85) $30

Vapor cannister $10

Wire harness(84-85 engine wire harness) $150


I have every color interior parts except Green.

Arm Rests( grey, red, Maroon or blue arm rests) $20 for 2
Arm rest(Light sage green arm rests(these are the rare light green color)) $30 for both

Concert sound speaker covers(84 GN) $50
Console shifter plate(Plate on console that goes around the shifter)$25

Dash pad no cracks(grey or Maroon) $120

Door panels(85-87 GN lower door panels) $60
Door panels(85-87 T-type grey lower door panels) $40
Door panels(85-87 T-type Maroon lower door panels) $40
Door panels(85-87 T-type Blue lower door panels) $40

Gauge cluster(Analog) $80

Radio(Stock GN radio with cass, no EQ) $40

Sail panels(Grey interior panels around the quarter windows) for T-top car $40 for both
Sail panels(Grey interior panels around the quarter windows) for Hradtop car $40 for both

Seats(87 GN Front bucket seats need recovering) $150

Shifter $35(84-87 GN, needs T handle)

Steering wheel(good to have recovered) $40
Steering wheel(Tri shield GN horn center $40 no ring)
Steering wheel(T-type horn center $30 no ring)
Steering wheel(T horn center $30 no ring)

Surround(Gauge surround) $30
Surround(radio surround) $20

Third brake light(Grey, red, Maroon, or blue Third brake light)$20 Each

T-TOP trim around the t-tops on the inside of the car in, Maroon, grey and blue $20 for each


Visor(Nice blue passenger visor with lighted mirror) $20

Body Parts:

Blackout trim for front windshield $20 each piece or $50 for all 3
Blackout trim for rear window $20 each piece or $50 for all 3
Blackout trim around the door windows $20 each piece
Blackout Drip rails(hard top) $40 for both

Blackout(Trunk Lid blackout trim piece) $35

Blackout trim, T-top boot shaped trim that the T-tops lay on $60 for both
Blackout trim, T-top center trim piece, that the t-tops slide into $70

Bumper(GN Rear black bumper) $100
Bumper reinforcement(Alum. Front bumper reinforcement)$90
Bumper reinforcement(Alum. rear bumper reinforcement) $70
Front bumper shocks $25 for both
Rear bumper shocks $25 for both

Fenders(84-87 GN fenders(GM)) $100 each

Grill 87 GN Grill $200
Grill 87 Chrome grill painted black $125
Grill 86 T-type grill $50
Grill 85 GN grill $60
Grill emblem(87 , says "Buick") $15

Hood(GN hood) $150-$250 (pick up only)
Hood Scoop(GN Hood scoop, cut from a metal GN hood) $50

Lock set(all 3 locks with key) $50

Mirror(Drivers mirror) $20
Mirror(Passenger Mirror,non remote)$20
Mirror(Passenger Mirror, Remote) $65

Quarter windows with blackout trim $80 for both sides

Tail lights with blackout trim $90
tail lights with chrome trim $70

T-top boot shaped trim that the T-tops lay on $60 for both
T-top center trim piece, that the t-tops slide into $70

Wheel well(Drivers Turbo plastic wheel well) $80 each
Wheel well(Passenger Turbo plastic wheel well) $100 each

Any other blackout piece e mail me I have them all


Antenna( black manual antenna complete with mast, base and nut)$60
Antenna base nut and spacer for Power antenna with black trim $10

ATR vapor canister relocation kit(It mounts the cannister on the under side of the plastic inner

wheel well. $25

Control arms(Front lower)$60
Control arms(Front upper)$30

Gas Tank(Turbo gas tank) $40 WON'T ship pick up only

Heater box(Complete heater box, For AC car) $100
Heater box shield $15

PowerMaster to firewall adaptor(bracket) $30
power trunk mechinism $20

Steering box(87 GN Power steering ) $35
Sway Bars(GN sway bars) $25 each

Transmission cross member $40

86/87 Tranny dip stick and tube $45
Transmission oil pan(Stock 200 4r tranny pan) $25

(2)Billet wheel adaptors 1/2 Make offer

84-85 T-type wheels $40 each or 4 for $120
84-85 GN wheels $100 each (no center caps) or 4 for $300
GNX Style 16 inch Wheels(Western wheels) $350

windshield wiper assembly $15

E mail or PM me.(Best way to contact me.)

Cell number is 413 563 8819


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Header panel

Hey Bob, just checking to see if you got a chance to snap some pics of that header panel?Let me know Denny


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Steering box(87 GN Power steering ) $35

Can you tell me if this is the quick ratio box and if so how much to ship to 15473