Big Parts List, Feb 2021, tons of used and New parts

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Sep 29, 2018
Hi, 2 questions, can you send me a picture of the radio surround? Is it original? What year is it from? I have an 87 GN.
Also do you have any original power antennas for the 87 GN?


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Apr 3, 2016
E mail me at

-All prices do not include shipping

-Door Jamb Seat Belt Retractor Release Lever Mechanism $20 for both drivers and passengers sides

-Glove box light assembly $20

-Driver or passenger tail light(minus blackout or chrome trim) $75 each

-Twilight Sentinel Photo Cell $30

-87 GN Power seat switch $40

-87 Power seat motors $100

-84-87 Head light switch $20

-84-87 Dimmer switch $20

-84-87 Rear defrost switch $30

-84-85 MAF $60

-New(reman by Cardone) Master cylinder for hydroboost set up(my last one) $40 (Just the master cylinder)

-Vac brake set up $175+shipping(master cylinder, New power brake booster, and correct pedal)

-New(reman) 86-87 Power steering pump $75

-NEW Belt tensioner $150

-New 3.8 SFI Turbo hood Emblem's $15+shipping for one emblem or $25+shipping for 2

-NOS GM Front Air Dam's for 86-87 $300+shipping

-NOS GM Passenger side Air Dam $100

-New OEM style Rear bumper fillers $300

-New OEM style Front bumper fillers $140

-NOS Turbo crank shaft $650

-New T-top trim Silver(Anodized/polished) $50 for 2

-New Blackout wheel well moldings $155 a set of 4 or $65 for just one(These are just like NOS in quality)

-New Polished(chrome or anodized what evey you want to call them) wheel well moldings $155 a set of 4 or $65 for just one(These are just like NOS in quality)

-NOS pass side marker light $75

-NEW PUI ABS backed head liner 85-87 Med gray (Grand National) for t-top car $160

-New PUI ABS backed head liner Maroon for T-top car $160

-New PUI ABS backed head liner 84-87 Tan for hard top $160

-New Visors In 85-87 GN gray, Maroon, and tan $80 a set(these are new not recovered)

-New ABS Rear Bumper fillers $200

-NOS black wheel well moldings(both front and drivers rear) $200
Sent you an email.......


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Jun 6, 2020
Im a bit late, but do you still have these items?
"New Visors In 85-87 GN gray.... $80 a set(these are new not recovered)
-Stock Battery hold down $10
Vapor cannister $20"

zip is 79714

On the "86-87 Engine wire harness(no injector harness) $200" how is the condition, could I get some pics?
mine is working fine but looks horrible.

where are you located? I would like some engine parts (block and possibly a crank) but not sure if it would be worth shipping freight

jet black 87

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Mar 30, 2011
Hi, I’m looking for a power steering, A/C, alternator bracket for an 86-87. Also needing a belt tensioner, and pulleys.