BGC intake and plenum/70mm TB TE44 turbo for sale

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D Mitchell

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For sale is a BGC Intake with fuel rails, BGC plenum, AccuFab 70mm throttle body, billet rad hose outlet, billet angle IAC adapter and 42 lb/hr injectors.
It also includes the TPS and IAC.

Bowling Green Customs intake with fuel rails, BGC plenum, billet rad hose outlet - $350 sold
42 lb/hr injectors - $60 sold
AccuFab 70mm throttle body with IAC and TPS - $150 sold
Coil pack and module - $60 sold


D Mitchell

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What prices are you referring to? There was a similar listing on this site for a BGC intake that was $1200. Usually if its a local purchase the price is less. What do you consider a fair price? Just curious.


like 3200 for your roller that my boy was going to come look at..... I told him you wanted to much for that also..... I know a greatlooking t lust sold for 5000.00


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my car is done ..... but your prices are to high.....
You're not interested in buying the parts so why the fuck do you care? Seriously what is people's fetish online with making their opinions on peoples prices known. Let these guys die with their stuff if it's overpriced. $300 for a te-44 with no shaftplay is a decent deal. I swear every for sale ad I look at is cluttered with people voicing their opinions. Have to go through pages to see if shit is sold.. Irritating.


I think the price is fair for the BGC if you read the ad, it comes with all the the goodies attached...

D Mitchell

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I'll lower the price of the BGC intake to $700 for those who may be interested. Except for rydersv6. Thanks for the inspiration. Lol