BG NATS next month!! Whos going?

turbo nasty

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@garyk1970 and my self will be attending Wed through Sat. Who else will be there? I wasnt able to attend any Buick event last year and that caused serious withdrawal symptoms!! Im really looking forward to it this year!!


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I'm in. I'll be in town Thursday. Car is still under construction, but shouldn't be an issue getting it ready in time. I'll probably be using those spare wheels I bought from you a couple years back at the Nats :finger:


Nick Micale

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Nick, are you bringing any customers with cars? I'd love to see your work as well as meet you in person!

I look forward to meeting you in person as well, but this trip is all fun and no work! :)

My wife and I will continue on the the East to spend some time with family, all vacation, no work there as well, she deserves a vacation more than me, since I am perfectly happy working on turbo Buicks!


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Nick , Cant wait to see you again. Drove all the way to Richard Clarks in hopes of being able to BS again with you. Hope you and Terry are doing well. We will be there Wed till Saturday. We will be behind the grand stand right down from the bathrooms, look us up!!! Fish fry Saturday in our pit area.
David Day


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The LittleRedHead and myself are also stopping by for a day or two on our way to Nashville . First time for us. Unfortunately the GN iis staying home ( don't want it sitting in a hotel parking lot overnight). So, if ya see a big , kinda lost middle-aged doofus with a petite little redhead , prob will be us. Looking forward to seeing some badass rides.


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I will be there, probably all week. Look for the white Limited with the Reynolds Buick license plate frame! Going since age 6 in 1988, always a blast!