Best everything and first 10 sec passes


Caustic Cacophony
Went to Keystone raceway park Saturday Sep 5th.

Best 60ft ever 1.5 felt great,
2nd pass I thought I turned the boost up on controller (mistake) so I added a little bit more alkycontrol gain. Ended up just making it really rich and the boost stayed same.
3rd-4th pass I found my mistake on controller then actually turned the boost up for real.
Then came the first ten pass but the car was squirrely on the big end.

I checked the slicks pressure oops, 5psi in right and less than 5psi in left. Aired both slicks to 11psi and turned boost up little bit more.
Backed the ten pass up with quicker Et/ more mph.
Bad pic of 4 slips: