Best car photos.......(photogenic)

Dads 86 GN

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I'm on the search for the best photos/pictures of these cars?
The "larger" the photo, the better. :cool:
I've looked around this site for awhile and find most of the pics posted are either small or not the "best" background used for a great photo.
Looking for a picture worthy of being printed and put into a frame and hung on a shop wall.:D

Post your photos and or links.

Thanks in advance.:wink:
here's mine



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This is one of the most lusted after cars on here! I mean, if this were a magazine this would be your centerfold! Thank heavens we have monitors and not pages, as this would be one more crusty page! Love, love, love this car!! Front to back, end to end, side to side! No bad angles here!! Love it!!

Just saying.....

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NY Twin Turbo

All the good stuff.....Times 2.
Does this count? View attachment 328862

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In my opinion, this was something that seems to have been moving in a positive direction. I'm not sure why. But whatever it is, it obviously was taken way too far. Some restraint should have been exercised.

It's difficult to build a drag car that in some way or another doesn't give itself away as being just that.

And so, the same could be said about a high speed canyon carver. Certain aspects of it's styling will undoubtedly reflect it's potential. But to make strongly exaggerated race (R) inspired (I) cosmetic (C) enhancements (E) enhancements that make no real improvements on performance may be going too far.

Using the car pictured above for example. Does this stuff need to go this far? Or can we stop somewhere before it begins to look like a cheap die-cast children's toy?