Best cam for a TA 49.


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If your stocker is bad theres a few that come to mind speed pro 194/204.. Lunati 200/200.. 206/206 would be the biggest I'd go


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Fullthrottle is the only one that has a roller that just needs springs changed.
Every thing else you will need to modify the guide to except the extra left. I seen somewhere a 3800 cam install but I think a bunch of mods needed too.
I had a local shop modified mine payed way to much and after about a year all the valve seals fell off and started smoking.
I went with a set of Champion irons no regrets.


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stock cam or as others have said above,but you will need to stay in that range.i used 100lb valve springs with a stock cam and 49 and it ran 10s.
Thank you. So all I gotta do is the springs and leave my stock cam. That saves me alot of money. Thank you so much.


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I've loved the 210/215 roller with my TA49 spinning to 6k. Combo matters, other more qualified builders will comment on factors that fit this question more but I have max ported stock heads, intake and eliminated a lot of back pressure.


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A cam with close to stock overlap. If you want one DM. You are lift limited unless you machine the exhaust guide down